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Contract Staffing

Vevro brings you innovative contract staffing solutions that are advanced and agile. 

Whether your requirement is for short-term projects, seasonal hiring, or workforce management programs, we provide it all. We take pride in providing highly qualified and experienced resources for contract staffing.

Permanent Staffing

Our “round the clock” talent acquisition team follows a unique recruitment process, offering end-to-end recruiting services. 

Our teams work closely with you to understand the organization and role expectations to ensure we are able to represent and position your organization effectively to the prospective candidates. 

Project Staffing

Vevro can deploy a dedicated offsite or onsite team or a mix of both based on budget and needs of the project.

The service includes a complete end to end project hiring from sourcing to on-boarding for different roles and experience levels.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Vevro’s contract-to-hire staffing service offers reassurance and flexibility in recruitment to suit any special circumstances.

With an extraordinary candidate database, cost-effective rates and fast response times, Vevro is capable of handling your immediate and long-term resource needs on any contract-to-hire scenario.

Looking to Hire Remote Talent ASAP?

Hire remote talent through our Borderless Work Force Program. Work with an offsite and offshore team to save cost and maximize your resource budget. Want to know more about it?